May 2019

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Book Life, Barn Life, My Life!

Welcome to those who signed up for my newsletter via BookSweeps’ Cowboy & Western Romance promotion in April. I hope you will enjoy the glimpses into my life.

Trouble in Action is now with the BETA readers! That’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. (A bit like sending your child to kindergarten!) There’s still much to do as I await reader responses. I’m working with the book cover designer and trying to decide on my next author’s photo (difficult because I like very few photos of myself). Then there are the dedication and acknowledgements to write and the biography to update.

A bit more on writing in a moment. I want you to meet eBay! As I continue my search for answers to Jetta’s problems, I’m competing on my other pretty girl. eBay also had a rough winter and some health issues to work through but she’s ‘good to go’ and I’m grateful for that. This photo is from our first run after being cleared by her vet. It’s taking me a bit to get back in sync with her. Two more different style barrel horses would be hard to find! Any mistakes in the pen are mine not hers but we’ll get there!

What have I been reading? A couple of things!

First, Connie Shelton’s Diamonds Aren’t Forever. This is Book 1 of the Heist Ladies Caper Mysteries and it is MARVELOUS! Check out my review below. I’ll be moving on to books 2 and 3 in short order!

Second, something I never thought I’d do, I’m reading my own work. I haven’t looked at Winds Across Texas or Fire Across Texas since I had to proof the galleys for publication with Leisure Books (too many years ago). This definitely isn’t typical for me. When I’ve done all I can to get a manuscript ‘publisher ready’, I move on to the next project and rarely look back. Now that they’re with Secret Staircase Books (as Book 1 and 2 of The Bellamys of Texas), I’ve been asked to consider writing Book 3. I need to know if I can love these characters up close and personal again! I’m surprised at how much Katherine and Slade feel like old friends! I suspect the same will be true of Jeb and Hannah. So … I have some ideas swirling in my mind, nothing for sure but … maybe.

What am I writing? I’ve made a solid start on the short story for the holiday collection I mentioned last month. It will feature Trouble with a Veteran’s Day theme! And, yes, I’m still pondering potential storylines for my next full-length Trouble story. This one may take Trouble ‘across the pond’. Or beyond!

Contest Winners!
Contest winners for April and for May will be highlighted in my June newsletter.

For May, I’ll give a digital copy of Diamonds Aren’t Forever to a randomly selected lucky reader! Cross your fingers. You’ll want to win this one.

Book Review
No spoiler alert needed for this review! I want you to read this one for yourself.

A priceless necklace, a heist, a damsel in distress. Diamonds Aren’t Forever begins with all the key elements for an old-fashioned fairytale of a princess who needs a prince to rescue her. Think again! All she needs is a few friends who are as intrepid, savvy, and determined as any hero of old. A few friends who just happen to be women and quite willing to do a little continent-jumping if that’s what it takes to catch their thief and retrieve the filched necklace. This one gets a five-star review from me for clever writing, intriguing characters, and a never-a-dull moment plot! Do you yourself a favor and enjoy the ride. I did!

I LOVE old (really old) movies. Diamonds Aren’t Forever reminded me a bit of the Alfred Hitchcock-directed classic To Catch A Thief which starred Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. Different plot, different era, different vibe but, oh my, there’s just something about a con man. And when the tables are turned, it’s ‘game on’!

Until June,
Susan Y Tanner