January 2019

Book Life, Barn Life, My Life!

2018 for me – as I suspect for many of you – was a time of loss and of gain, of letting go and moving forward. My heart and mind are set forward and I’m very much looking forward to the ride.

When long-time friend and fellow author, Carolyn Haines, reached out to me and several other writers three years ago with the comment, “I’ve got this great idea,” I cringed. I know her too well. Write a contemporary story? I’d never done that, only ever written historicals. Write a mystery? I’d never done that, only ever published romance. Include a cat’s point of view? I’d definitely never done that. I hadn’t written in a long, long time. Could I still? Should I even try? “Sure,” I said. “Count me in.”

Little did I suspect that her proposal and my foolhardy leap to join the wonderful madness would eventually persuade me to retire from a career I loved. This past September I realized it was time for me to change directions, time to shift writing from back burner to front.

Trouble in Summer Valley was released in 2017, Turning for Trouble in 2018, and Trouble in Action is slated for 2019. These books are all part of the Familiar Legacy Series based on Carolyn’s well-loved Fear Familiar Series. I’m excited to see where Trouble, son of Familiar, and every bit the skilled black cat detective, will lead us next.

Two of our Trouble authors are currently running specials. Rebecca Barrett’s Trouble in Dixie and Claire Matturro’s Trouble in Tallahassee are only .99 cents each through March 28!

And two more have new releases this spring. Jen Talty’s Trouble’s Wedding Caper will be released February 4 and Carolyn Haines’ Bone-A-Fied Trouble will be released March 4.
Both are available for pre-order NOW!

Because my other passion is barrel racing, all of my books in the Trouble series will feature horses. It’s been interesting for me to follow the journeys of the other Trouble authors as they find their inspiration for the stories they write, all varied and fascinating, but from me you’ll get horses. Equine therapy in Trouble in Summer Valley, rodeo in Turning for Trouble and stunt horses in Trouble in Action.

Now for a bit of fun! I need a strong, male Cherokee (or Cherokee origin) name for a lead character in Trouble in Action. No more than two syllables. It will take a bit of research, and I’ll need any submissions by February 15. But if you’re up to the challenge and I select the name you submit, I’ll send you a digital book or autographed print copy (your choice) of Trouble in Action upon release date.

Until February,
Susan Y Tanner