Trail of Trouble

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Murder on the Trail

Horsewoman Sara Anders rebuilt her life in the rugged mountains of Oregon. Her trail riding venture with author and rancher Jackson Cantrell is a success. When Jackson is found at the base of a cliff, his death is ruled accidental. Sara doesn’t believe this and neither does Brayden Cantrell, Jackson’s long-lost nephew who only recently entered his life, and Sara’s.

Unwilling partners who must learn to trust each other and themselves, Sara and Brayden lead a six-day trail ride into the mountains, taking Jackson’s ashes to be buried beside his beloved wife. The funeral cortege includes Jackson’s closest friends—the last people known to see him alive.

After a rattlesnake is found zipped inside Sara’s tent and a mourner dies mysteriously, Sara and Brayden realize that they ride the mountain with a killer. But who? And why? And who will be next?

Trouble suspects everyone, but his job is to protect Sara, and sleuthing out the villain requires all his skills. Everyone loved Jackson Cantrell until someone didn’t. The savvy feline knows most people incriminate themselves given enough time. But time is running out and a murderer is getting desperate.

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