Highland Captive

This was my first to be published (September 1990) and I can still remember getting ‘that call’ from my agent. I was at work and walked around in a daze the rest of the day. I’m sure I accomplished nothing!

You can find it here! books2read.com/HighlandCaptive-AScottishHighlands-Romance

In the year 1499, King Henry VII of England and James IV, ruler of Scotland, negotiated a peace between their kingdoms which was to be sealed by a royal marriage. For a brief time, it seemed the ancient hatred and bitter bloodshed between their kingdoms might cease. Only one incident marred this peace and threatened to destroy the fragile union …

During a savage raid on her home, English lady Dara Ryland is abducted and her father murdered by Ruod of the clan MacAmlaid. Held prisoner as the clan prepares for an attack to free her, Dara finds herself drawn to the clan leader, Lachlan MacAmlaid, to Ruod’s intense displeasure.

And, Lachlan cannot deny his love for this high-spirited beauty. Can he protect Dara from the wrath of the Highlanders, including his own brother? And will Dara, if opportunity presents itself, escape once again to England or remain – with her heart – in Scotland?

This book was previously published by Leisure Books in August 1990.

Buy it here! books2read.com/HighlandCaptive-AScottishHighlands-Romance

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