Exiled Heart

If ever there were star-crossed lovers …

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Raised as the son of an English knight, Ian Gillecrist, abhors all things Scottish.  When he learns he is, in fact, the son and heir of a recently deceased Scottish lord-one whom he has long despised-he’s angered and disgusted. Nonetheless, he’ll claim what’s rightfully his and protect it by marrying within his new homeland.

Cecile Lotharing, born and raised in the rugged Highlands, is a fiery and spunky lass, testing her parents’ patience at every turn. Upon her arranged marriage, Cecile fears she faces a doomed union and a future ripped apart from those she cherishes.

Fighting for what each believes is rightfully theirs, will Ian and Cecile ever find true love and a homeland to call their own?

This book was originally published by Leisure Books in August 1993.

Buy it here! https://books2read.com/ExiledHeart

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