Captive To A Dream

My first inspiration for this book was an image in my mind of two children on a craggy Highland mountain with a brilliant blue sky as their backdrop. I didn’t know who they were or what lay ahead but I knew their future was entwined.

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The saga of Clan MacAmlaid continues with Dara and Lachlan’s daughter and the bastard son of Leslie who claims the clan home as did her father before her.

Rhea is growing up in the image of her mother—high-spirited and beautiful. Roaming the Highland mountains, heedless of the dangers, Rhea meets Gavin and the two become friends, to both of their parents’ chagrin. Gavin is hell bent on getting what he perceives is his—Castle Gallhiel—even if that means the death of Lachlan to achieve his goal.

In his quest to become the next Lord of Gallhiel, Gavin leaves his beloved Highlands to build a reputation of strength and courage, acquiring wealth and status among the royal court. Years later he encounters Rhea once more and the attraction is immediate. As they fall in love, he realizes his quest will be much harder than he could have ever imagined.

Will Gavin choose to avenge his mother’s death and claim Castle Gallhiel by killing Rhea’s father—or will he choose love?

This book was previously published by Leisure Books in September 1991.

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