A Warm Southern Christmas

“Prepare for tears in your eyes—A Warm Southern Christmas is that kind of story.”—Connie Shelton, USA Today bestselling author

You can find it here! https://books2read.com/warmsouthernchristmas

When Luke Tattersall buried his brother and sister-in-law on a raw October day he took in their two children to raise as his own. He didn’t account for the fact that in 1890s small-town Mississippi, single fatherhood was not an option. It isn’t long before the sheriff visits, informing him that, without a wife, Luke will lose the children to their cold-hearted aunt and uncle. Under that threat he vows to be married by Christmas. Only problem is, none of the local girls are interested in marrying a sawmill worker with little money and two half-grown kids.

Stephanie Cotter is living with the scandal of having broken off her engagement, and now her father has promised her to a man three times her age. She’ll do anything to get out of Seattle, out from under her father’s thumb. Including marriage to a man in Mississippi she’s never met? Climbing aboard the southbound train is one of the most difficult things she’s ever done but she’s determined to make the best of it. Will the children accept her as their new mother, and will she and Luke ever find love and intimacy? And what kind of Christmas can she possibly expect in her new Southern home?

Buy it here! https://books2read.com/warmsouthernchristmas

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