December 2019

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So close to Christmas and I’m not ready! But I say that every year and every year I manage to get it all done. Christmas has always been a season of joy and hope for me. Some years, like the year I lost my dad, the joy was harder to find but my faith sustained me. So, for all of you who may be struggling this year for any reason, I wish you joy and I wish you faith to sustain you.

If you took advantage of A Trouble’d Christmas being free in October—and have a moment now—please post an honest review. Reviews are so helpful and much appreciated. And, if you missed when it was free, it’s only $.99 cents and here’s the link. Keep checking my newsletters for gifts and giveaways. You can’t get the good stuff if you don’t know about it!

BETRAYAL, REVENGE, and GRAND THEFT! After his release from prison, Mace Walker has two goals – prove himself innocent of grand theft and see the guilty party punished. Even if his ex-fiancée, Felecia McIntyre, helped frame him. Maybe especially so.

Trouble would rather be home watching Christmas classics with his human, Tammy Lynn, but his creed is always to ‘protect and serve’. Neither of his temporary charges display much in the way of Christmas spirit so It’s A Wonderful Life might seem an unlikely outcome. But, then, they don’t know Trouble …

And – at long last – our collection of Trouble holiday stories is up for pre-order. Working with the talented authors who contributed to Year-Round Trouble has been an amazing experience for me.

Buy it HERE! I hope you enjoy every story, including my own “Trouble in Arms”.

Authors are Ritter Ames, Rebecca Barrett, Susan Boles, Pamela Sue DuMond, Caroline Fardig, Carolyn Haines, Miranda James, Ava Mallory, Claire Matturro, Joanne Pence, Larissa Reinhart, Connie Shelton, Susan Y. Tanner, Jaden Terrell.

The re-release of Captive to a Dream is now available. Do you love the look of the new covers for this series as much as I do?

The saga of Clan MacAmlaid continues with Dara and Lachlan’s daughter and the bastard son of Leslie who claims the clan home as did her father before her. What will Gavin choose—to avenge his mother’s death and claim Castle Gallhiel by killing Rhea’s father or will he choose love?

Only one month left on a great giveaway of Holiday reading. Don’t miss out! Here’s the link.

What have I been writing?

Not nearly enough but with the anthology complete, I’ll be back on a schedule dedicated to my next Trouble mystery as well as the third book in the Bellamy series.

What have I been reading?

After one too many oh-so-fun Christmas stories, my brain needed a break. Saving Ferris isn’t quite at the opposite end of the spectrum but it’s close. I don’t quite remember how, when, or where Saving Ferris caught my eye. I do remember thinking, ‘no, that’s probably not something you should read’ but then something whispered ‘oh, but maybe you should’ and so I did.

See my review below!

Book Review
How far would you go to save the life of your beloved pet? That’s the defining premise of Saving Ferris.

Cecilia Chandler never wanted a dog and Ferris was a dog that not ‘just anyone’ would love. The golden retriever was clumsy and inattentive and a service school failure, but her husband brought him home and Cecilia could never deny Joey anything. Not when he wanted it that much.

When Joey is killed in a construction accident, Ferris and Cecilia have only each other and an unbreakable bond is formed. Less than a year later Cecilia is brutally attacked in her home and her would-be rapist uses a knife to cut her clothing—and her. Cecilia fights him off long enough to retrieve the gun from her husband’s safe, only to find her attacker has turned the knife on Ferris. Cecilia is not going to lose the only thing she has left to love—and she shoots.

I found the characters very real in their imperfections. I cared about them, not just Cecilia and Ferris, but the police chief who is attracted to Cecilia and his deputy who is suspicious of her, as well as the high-profile defense attorney who swoops in to continue his career-building. The court case in this small-town setting is well-drawn.

Ms. Kennedy has a succinct writing style, which I appreciate, and makes good use of flashbacks without overuse. I did note some procedural flaws during the investigation of the attack on Cecilia and the shooting death of her attacker but they didn’t detract from my investment in the story. I’ll look for more stories by Ms. Kennedy and I give this one 4.5 stars but only because I thought the procedural flaws—if intentional—should have been mentioned. Otherwise, a solid 5 stars.

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Contest Winner!
Congratulations to Glenda Baker Hislop, winner of my November giveaway. Glenda received an e-book of A Warm Southern Christmas as her prize.

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Until January,
Susan Y Tanner

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