August 2019

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Winds Across Texas and Fire Across Texas are now in audio. I’m very excited to have both available in this additional format. During my previous career, I listened to audio books through miles and miles of business travel, a welcome break from songs—even songs I love!—repeated too often. I never once dreamed my own work would one day be heard on CD and download!

What have I been writing?
I completed Trouble in Arms. It is edited, polished and put away until all contributions to our anthology are complete!

As for the remainder of July … well … I wrote another short story (and it was absolutely not my idea). My publisher asked for a Christmas offering featuring our famous, and oh-so-smart, black cat detective. I’m in the dreaded editing phase now but looking forward to the polished and put away stage for that one, as well. More to come as we near a late fall release date. I do know the cover is in the works and it’s going to be snazzy to say the least. I LOVE Christmas. (But it’s hard to write about a winter chill in the sauna that is August!)

What have I been reading?
The Conspiracy by Kat Martin is a read-in-progress. I’m loving this high action, high drama romance.

I just finished Someone to Honor (The Westcott Series Book 6) by Mary Balogh. I am a sincere fan of her writing and the Westcott stories. And this offering was a very satisfying addition to that historical romance series. See my review below:

Book Review
The beginning of Someone to Honor is all about that crucial first impression we have on others and others have on us. More, it is about how very wrong those first impressions can prove to be, as Abigail Westcott and Lieutenant Colonel Gil Bennington discover.

The story also brings home the truth that sometimes, perhaps oftentimes, the strongest and most lasting loves do not begin with the lightning strike of instant attraction. Yet, even in that reality, Ms. Balogh’s innate sense of romance comes through, bright and shining.

The heart of the story and, I suspect, the naming of the book comes from the strong sense of honor at the core of both the hero and heroine. A sense of honor that ultimately calls forth an honorable action and reaction in the face of heartbreaking and dishonorable adversity.

That is as much of the plot as you’ll get from me but the book gets five stars!

Book 7 of the Westcott Series will be available November 5 of this year and I anxiously await its release as I did the six that precede it.

Contest Winner!
Congratulations to Patti Weatherington for recognizing Drunk Girl by Chris Janson as the song that inspired my opening scenes for Trouble in Action. Patti said it wasn’t easy to guess and she had to do a bit of research, so kudos to her for making the effort and winning an autographed copy of the book. I’m actually glad it took some digging as I never tried to match my story to the song, just to the pictures the lyrics painted in my mind and the emotions it created in my heart. Fortunately, I didn’t see the video of Drunk Girl until my story was done. It was so unlike anything I’d pictured or felt while listening to the song!

I loved some of the other entries, particularly Looking for Love by Johnny Duncan (from a forever favorite movie, Urban Cowboy). That one came from the astute Sharon Hurley. I’d actually forgotten I had Kylah quote a line from that song later in the book!

Trouble in Action continues to get very good reviews and I appreciate each and every one of you who took the time to post an honest opinion. Indeed, I appreciate all who take that time for any book for any author. Those reviews truly do matter to us, we treasure the words and we learn from them.

August is ‘Giveaway Time’
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Until September,
Susan Y Tanner