April 2019

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Book Life, Barn Life, My Life!

I’m not one to wish my life away, but I’m not sorry to see March behind me! I survived the final read and first edit of Trouble in Action and it’s now with the Trouble Team. This is a little like sending your first born off to kindergarten. Proud mama moment but also filled with terribly anxiety!

March was also not kind to the barrel racing side of my life. Jetta had a setback and I had to scratch yet another two-day run at the end of the month. I was disappointed but my girl’s health comes first. We’re not back running but Jetta feels much better and we are back to work. And – even when I can’t be part of the action – I always enjoy watching, especially when it’s my daughter and her awesome Popcorn in the arena!

On April 3, I enjoyed a breather (well-earned in my opinion!) at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, Alabama with fellow authors Carolyn Haines and Rebecca Barrett. Carolyn was honored as the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Alabama Library Association. After cocktails and conversation at the Grand, we explored the streets of Fairhope with friends for a fun evening of talk and laughter.

I needed that break and am now ready to tackle my next project (more on that later!) And, BTW, Rebecca’s novel, Road’s End, which I reviewed in my February newsletter has been named April Read of the Month by the Southern Literary Review (A Magazine for Literature of the American South)! I love a success story!

Today, I have a fun surprise I’m happy to share with you! Here’s a chance to win my novel Winds Across Texas, plus books from authors like Jillian Neal, Shirleen Davies, Margaret Brownley, and more.

I’ve teamed up with 25 fantastic authors to give away a huge collection of Cowboy & Western Romances to 2 lucky winners, PLUS a brand new eReader to the Grand Prize winner! And you’ll receive a collection of FREE reads just for entering!

Enter the giveaway by clicking HERE! This contest runs the 15th through the 24th. Good luck and enjoy!

Book 2 of the Bellamy series, Fire Across Texas will be on sale April 25! And, like Winds Across Texas, this book will eventually be available in audio as well!

Married to a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Hannah Barnes had given up hope of love and happiness. Then three gunmen killed her husband and she feared she would lose her life as well. A former Texas Ranger, Jeb Welles was determined to save the tart-tongued widow and be on his way. But while Jeb had only rescue on his mind, his body had other ideas. Hannah and Jeb had nothing in common, yet everything to share.

Of all of my heroines, Hannah is my favorite and Jeb might just be my favorite hero. I’d love to know what you think of them!

Contest Winners!
Marsha Burns, the ultimate winner for February’s giveaway, selected Trouble in Summer Valley and Shari Smith, who was the winner of March’s giveaway, selected Turning for Trouble.

In honor of the April release of Fire Across Texas, an autographed print copy of Winds Across Texas will be given to a randomly selected lucky reader!

Book Review
If you’ve never read one of the Cat in the Stacks mysteries by Miranda James, prepare to be snared. Who wouldn’t adore a Maine Coon named Diesel? And who could resist a gentlemanly librarian named Charlie? Throw these two together with murder and a riveting tale ensues.

In Twelve Angry Librarians, it appears that every librarian in the south is angry at Gavin Fong. The man has been intentionally obnoxious to everyone. Worse, he is touting the idea that the librarians are on their way out. Soon to become obsolete. And he seems quite happy with that prognosis. So happy, in fact, no one weeps when he dies rather messily in the midst of his speech. But would someone really murder him for his intolerable posturing? And, if so, how do you screen out ‘simply everyone’ to get to the real killer? What appears to be an impossible task has become paramount for Charlie who recently, and very unwisely, allowed Gavin to goad him into a public and blistering quarrel.

Twelve Angry Librarians was this reader’s first Cat in the Stacks Mystery but I’ll definitely go back for more!

What’s on the horizon for me? A short story featuring Trouble with a Veteran’s Day theme! This one will be part of a collection of holiday tales from various authors. How could you not love it! And, of course, another full-length Trouble mystery … I’m in the ‘thinking’ stages on this one. What is my setting? Who is my murderer? More importantly who will capture our Trouble’s attention and able assistance?

Until May,
Susan Y Tanner