February 2019

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Book Life, Barn Life, My Life!

February weather has been, at best, uncooperative. Steady rain and sodden ground have limited my saddle time! I’ve ridden in misting rain, been driven in by sudden downpours, and dashed back out after. With my sassy little barrel mare on the mend from a respiratory infection, I need that riding time as much as she does. March will be for getting back in shape! 

There is, however, a flip side to dreary skies. Without sunshine luring me to the barn, I found it much easier to chain myself to my computer. As a result, the first draft of Trouble in Action is nearly complete. This is my third in the Familiar Legacy series. My third romantic mystery. My third with a cat’s point of view as critical as the male and female protagonist. These books have been challenging in a good way. I’ve developed plotting skills that will carry over into any genre. I don’t have a release date for this one yet but anticipate late summer / early fall.

And, speaking of other genres, I’m excited that Secret Staircase Books, a fiction imprint of Columbine Publishing Group, has opted to publish Fire Across Texas and Winds Across Texas, as well as A Warm Southern Christmas, in both print and e-book. This is the first time these titles will be available in e-book! All three, along with Highland Captive, Captive To A Dream, and Exiled Heart, were previously published by Leisure Books.

This is the new cover for Winds Across Texas which will be released March 22.

“The Comanche named her Fierce Tongue; Texans called her a white squaw. Once the captive of a great warrior, Katherine Bellamy found herself shunned by decent society, yet unable to return to the people who had accepted her as their own. Slade was a hard-riding, hard-hitting lawman, out to avenge the deaths of his wife and son. Blinded by anger and bitterness, he would do anything, use anyone to have his revenge. Both Katherine and Slade saw in the other a means to escape misery, but they never expected to fall in love …”

I received some wonderful responses to last month’s contest. It wasn’t easy to choose, but I finally selected Waya (or Wolf) as the name for the male protagonist in Trouble in Action. The name was actually submitted by two readers and both will get their choice of a digital book or autographed print copy of Trouble in Action upon release date.

You won’t need your ‘thinking cap’ for this month’s giveaway! A reader will be selected in a random drawing to receive a digital copy of either Trouble in Summer Valley or Turning for Trouble. Take a look at both and be prepared to let me know which you’d like to have.

All of the Familiar Legacy authors are excited about the ‘next up’ in the series. Carolyn Haine’s Bone-A-Fied Trouble is on pre-order now and will be released March 4. This book is a wonderful combination of characters from Ms. Haines beloved Sarah Booth Delaney mysteries and our black cat detective.

Book Review:
The best novels allow us to ‘live among their pages’. “Road’s End” certainly does that. Like the most complex of wines, this book – once started – is difficult to set aside. You want to savor every nuance. More than romance, more than historical, more than saga, Road’s End is all of those – and more.

This is a story of strong women who love with more passion than wisdom. And it is the story of the men powerful enough and sensitive enough to arouse that love, that passion within them, and damn the consequences.

When I was a young child, I was allowed to watch black and white movies which I didn’t realize were, even then, already decades old. To me, they were vibrant and real. Such was the skill of the actors and actresses. Road’s End evoked that same emotion within me. The characters, their passion, their heartaches were all vibrant and real. Such is the skill of the author.

It is to be hoped that this multifaceted author soon returns her literary efforts to this time and place of tarnished gentility and bold dreams.

Until March,

Susan Y Tanner