Fire Across Texas, Book 2 The Bellamys of Texas

And we’re doing it again with the re-release of this book from Secret Staircase Books, a fiction imprint of Columbine Publishing Group! Fire Across Texas, like Winds Across Texas, will now be available in e-book for the first time and will soon be available in audio as well! This heroine is my favorite of any book I’ve written. And, just maybe, the hero is too.

Fire Across Texas front cover - large (002)

Hannah Barnes, wife of the austere preacher Caleb Barnes, is as dutiful and eager to please as she can be, considering the big difference in their ages. Texas Ranger Jeb Welles, on his way to the New Mexico territory, stops at the Barnes place to tend to his horse. There, he finds Hannah alone on the remote Texas property with no family or neighbors nearby, seemingly in shock, with blood on her clothes and her dead husband’s body in the cabin. Something tells him she’s no murderer, but he can’t be sure. He also can’t leave the stunned widow alone out there. They bury the body and he offers to escort her to the nearest fort to seek help.

Unaware that three murderers could be hot on their trail, the pair set out together. Jeb has no idea how deeply this shy woman will work her way into his heart. Hannah’s mission to avenge her husband’s death turns into a passion neither of them could have foreseen. This courageous woman and rugged ex-lawman discover tenderness and love under the wide Texas sky.

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