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As the last week of February faded to March, I wrote the final scenes for Trouble in Action. I’m now in the mind-numbing phase of that first edit, reading my own words and finding my own mistakes. I must also comb through the endless notes I made as I wrote that first draft … all of the add this, delete that tidbits that occurred to me midstream. Only when I’m satisfied, will it go to the Trouble team to read. No matter how hard I try – and I do try hard! – mistakes will have gotten past my scrutiny. Hopefully the Trouble team will find those and my second round of edits will make it presentable for our wonderful BETA readers. I absolutely LOVE this story and these characters. I hope you will as well.

After a month of walking only and two weeks of walk/trot, Jetta and I have been working hard this month to get back in shape for our first run after her illness. This is my pretty girl in her ‘working’ clothes and winter hair which is slowly turning loose with every brushstroke!

On March 16, I took a break to spend an entertaining hour on a panel at the Mobile Literary Festival with two other Trouble writers, Carolyn Haines and Rebecca Barrett. The event was held at the beautiful Ben May Main Library where we spoke on the value of a shared character (aka Trouble, the black cat detective, of course!) Our moderator was the inimitable Cj Petterson. One of the questions posed to us was what method of promotion we each preferred, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, newsletter, etc. For me, without a doubt, it’s this newsletter. Promotion on Facebook feels awkward to me. I do it but not comfortably. I haven’t touched Twitter but suspect I must soon. But the newsletter, yes, definitely my favorite.

Book 1 of the Bellamy series, Winds Across Texas is now on sale! 

This book will eventually be available in audio as well! Last week, I chatted by phone with the artist who will be the voice for Winds Across Texas and Fire Across Texas. It was a fascinating discussion about how I heard each of the characters in my mind. Who might have a particular tone or inflection? Who had an accent? As we talked, I heard them more clearly in my mind than perhaps when I was actually writing the book. I never gave it much thought at the time, at least not that I recall.

And this is the new cover for Fire Across Texas which will be released April 25.

“Married to a fire-and-brimstone preacher, Hannah Barnes had given up hope of love and happiness. Then three gunmen killed her husband and she feared she would lose her life as well. A former Texas Ranger, Jeb Welles was determined to save the tart-tongued widow and be on his way. But while Jeb had only rescue on his mind, his body had other ideas. Hannah and Jeb had nothing in common, yet everything to share.”

Contest Winners!
January’s contest winners, Paula Adams and Grace Henley, won’t have too much longer to wait for their prize. We’re anticipating a July release date. February’s giveaway winner has not yet responded to a notification of their win. I’ve reached out a second time. If I still have no response by the end of the month, I’ll select another winner.

March will be another giveaway month! A lucky reader will be selected in a random drawing to receive a digital copy of Trouble in Action or Trouble in Summer Valley or the newly re-released Winds Across Texas!

Book Review
Trouble at his finest! The wickedly clever black cat is back, more wily than any coyote and more British than any Brit. Bone-A-Fied Trouble is an intriguing mystery replete with victims who must be avenged and criminals who must not get away. The séance scene is chillingly real with spirits that warn of dangers past, present and future while reaching out poignantly to love lost.

When lovely psychic medium Tabitha Kingsley arrives in Zinnia to meet with his aunt, Roger Long is immediately suspicious. His aunt is still grieving the loss of her best friend. It turns out Roger has reason to be suspicious but not for the reasons he thinks. Fortunately, Trouble is at hand to uncover clues and nudge Tabitha and Roger toward trust and love as they race to solve one murder and prevent another.

With the town of Zinnia and its residents in the background, fans of Carolyn Haines’ Bones series will be delighted to step into the world of Trouble, the black cat detective, as he is ably assisted by Sarah Booth’s own black cat, Pluto.

Fans of the Trouble series will happily settle into another excellent mystery featuring Trouble, son of Familiar.

Now for a little free fun!
Apple Die by Chelsea Thomas will be free March 26 and 27! Although I haven’t read this book, the snippets I have read look intriguingly entertaining so I’m adding this one to my TBR list.

Chelsea has had a rough few months. Professionally, personally and romantically. So when she finds a dead body on the family farm? All she wants to do is curl up under the covers and bury her problems in a box of cookies. A big box. Unfortunately, Chelsea’s aunt is a former prosecutor, and she’s dead-set on catching the killer.

Will Chelsea and her aunt solve the mystery before the murderer strikes again? Or will the body count rise, and ruin cookies for everyone?

You’ll love this clean cozy mystery, because everyone loves a down-on-her-luck sleuth who finds strength through solving murders.

Until April,

Susan Y Tanner

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