Winds Across Texas, Book 1 The Bellamys of Texas

I’m excited to announce the re-release of this book with Secret Staircase Books, a fiction imprint of Columbine Publishing Group. Not only is Winds Across Texas now available in e-book for the first time, it will soon be available in audio as well! And look at this tasteful but romantic new cover. I couldn’t be happier!

Winds Across Texas front cover - large (002)

Held five years in captivity by the Comanche, Katherine Bellamy and the child she brings home are shunned by polite Texas society. Her brother Ford wasn’t a man to settle down—he’d gone away, seeking a life of adventure, trying to forget the girl who waits at home.

When Kate sets out to find Ford and bring him home, she encounters Slade, a mercenary soldier and Texas Ranger who rides the plains, seeking revenge for the deaths of his wife and infant son. Sparks fly whenever the two are together, but Katherine fears that Slade will discover her greatest secret.

As their attraction becomes impossible to deny, Kate wonders—can they build some semblance of a normal life together? Will either of them want to try?

Praise for Winds Across Texas:
“Action packed and poignant. ..builds tension from the very beginning and will keep you turning pages until the very end. Ms. Tanner’s straightforward style never allows for a dull moment.” —Linda Sandifer, author of Embrace The Wind

“Susan Tanner captures the fierce independence and adventurous spirit that marked the developing West. A heart-touching read.” —Elizabeth Leigh, author of Prairie Ecstasy

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